Win 8 Developer Preview Problem

I just installed the developer preview last week. It is a nice OS. It has got picture password protection, has good appealing task bar, improved security and looks. But when I am using any player like VLC, KMplayer they all stuck in middle. It tried out with different videos, but didn’t find a solution. Had anyone faced similar problem. I hope they will rectify in Alpha version.

A developer preview is intended to give you a head-start in developing applications for the new OS. It’s not meant to be used as your main operating system for anything else.

Although the new computers will Win 8 will be delivered in Jan 2012, I don’t think that I will getting one so I have no intention of trying it out just yet. The reason is that I don’t like some of the information I’ve read about it. Mainly what puts me off is that this new computers will only be able to work with Win8 and no other OS. And I don’t like that.

Which is completely false. Thats one less issue. I’m going to assume they were talking about Secure Boot which is part of UEFI and not part of Windows itself. I doubt you’ll find any computer manufacture who will force Secure Boot on without an ability to manage it yourself. Major Linux distributors like Red Hat and Ubuntu can easily add their own keys for use with Secure Boot, it really is not that hard.

Either way, Secure Boot is just one more defense against malware that infects the boot loading code. Which is a very good thing.

Yep, I was talking about secure boot and it was an article in Linux Maganazine that were exploring the difficulties that it implied… applied the Microsoft way. I would say that security is a good thing… depending on the amount of sacrifice that you need to do for it.

The people who Secure Boot will affect should be, keyword should be*, smart enough to research and find out if the computer in question they plan to buy offers the ability to turn Secure Boot off. Those who would not be affected, Joe Average, grandma and pa will make their computers more secure. Either way, Secure Boot is not required to be active or even there to run Windows 8, its only a requirement for the logo.

  • The technology religious fans/zealots almost make their side seem highly retarded as if they cannot do anything like turn off secure boot. Its silly.