Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2010

So Wimbledon starts today, who do you think is going to win? Which matches do you think will go down to the last game? If any celebrity sung during a rain break, who would you want that celebrity to be?

Is anyone actually going to Wimbledon?

I’m hoping that Andy Murray wins the mens singles title

I watched the match (and I play tennis when I get the time).

Keeping things simple… a player has to win a set by two games, therefore at some point they have to break their opponents serve. The reason for this is if they only had to get one point, the person who served first would almost certainly win the match as they would just need to hold serve (and they would always be one point ahead). In the first four sets (for men) or two sets (for women), if a player reaches 6 points and is two games ahead (so they win 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 or 6-0) they win that set… if however they hold serve and end up at 6 games all (6-6) then it goes to a tie-break where they have two serves each and keep going until someone wins by two points (7 or above). In the fifth set however the tie-break does not occur therefore they keep playing until someone wins by at least two games. :slight_smile:

I was surprised when I read about that record breaking match that lasted 3 days! I’d always assumed that a set was won once one player wins 7 games in that set. I don’t really follow tennis but to anyone who does, is there a maximum number of games allowed per set or would two players have to keep playing until one of them is t games in the lead?

It must have been an exhausting and tiring match for players, spectators and officials

I watch Wimbledon avidly every year (I’ll be spending the next two weeks in front of the TV) doing as little work as I can successfully get away with. :slight_smile:

As for today’s matches, Federer should have no problems beating his first round opponent (the same can be said for Henin and Clijsters - both of whom are making their return after retirement). In regards to the British players, Melanie South and Elena Baltacha will be playing (both of whom usually get past the first round).

The highlights of today’s play (Day 1) however are going to be:

  • Laura Robson(GBR) vs. Jelena Jankovic(SRB) - I feel sorry for Laura, her first Wimbledon post juniors, out on center and against a high seeded player.
  • Dmitry Tursunov(RUS) vs. Rainer Schuettler(GER) - Both very well established players.
  • Janko Tipsarevic(SRB) vs. Arnaud Clement(FRA) - Again both established players.

I think Murray does have a good run this year, he has a lot of unseeded players in his path however I doubt very much that he’ll wipe out both Nadal and Federer (the line-up show’s he’ll have to beat them both). Unfortunately (like usual) a whole bunch of our players failed to qualify (like Chris Eaton) which sucks.