Willing to put in the work

Hello all,

I’m a graphic designer who is at the moment out of work - I am not completely green when it comes to sites, but graphic design (historically print) is my focus.

I have looked around at the advice about buying sites etc. But I’m wondering is the truth that it is better to perhaps work a few sites from scratch rather than trying to buy into existing sites. It looks like a minefield to be honest. In fact the options are mind-blowing.

I am tempted to just get my feet wet and buy a few sites - some of the presentation is not great and I think I could help, and I really don’t mind putting in the work writing and research content. I have time on my hands. I mean if someone is offering some domains with some content for a few hundred dollars - where’s the harm!

I know that here are honest people putting in the work, and earning a decent living - and I think it would be a positive option for me.

I’m not native to the country in which I live, so on the freelance side it’s proved a little tricky to make a living, that’s why I’m looking here.

In my situation I’d be perfectly happy aiming for about 800 euros a month, just an honest days work! I’m willing to invest for that.

Sorry if this is a regurgitated request - but I guess I’m looking for a fresh perspective…I’ve talked to a few vendors and it’s difficult to get a handle on the validity of the claims.

If there are any other options for someone like me…even on an employee basis, supporting existing projects, I’d be willing to hear them…

Any advice hugely appreciated…:slight_smile:

Hey Chrissy,
While you have posted in an appropriate forum, I’m going to move this post to one where it will get more exposure. I hope that’s cool with you. :slight_smile:

It all really depends what you’re willing to risk.

If you spend $10 and get $0 back, is that okay?

Really, it also depends what you’re wanting to get into. If you can find a site that you think has a solid idea, but is just ugly… it might be worth it.

However, most sites require a lot more TLC and experience then just that. What you might want to do, if you are serious about moving into web design and such is get a few books on web design and web development and read up on them. Build a site or two from scratch (even if they are small and don’t really do much) to get some experience in all it takes to build up a site.

Also, you should know that a background in graphic design (and print design) is definitely a plus, web design is a different beast. You’re paper can’t move, change shape, and morph into different content based on the user… the web can.

I know a lot of people get into web design and development thinking it’s something they can pick up in 15 minutes and make a million dollars in a week… that’s not so. It takes a lot of work, a large amount of knowledge (whether individual or collective amongst a group), and a fair amount of luck to build a truly successful site.

Now, I don’t say this to discourage you. Quite the contrary… I think if people are willing to put in the effort and work to learn what needs to be learned and practice what needs to be practiced they can do great things. I actually work for a company which essentially provides technology camps for kids and teens which teaches web design, programming, etc. and I’ve seen what even youngsters can do with the right guidance and effort.

I think if you have a firm footing in what things are really like, you’re less likely to be disappointed and give up in frustration and more apt to succeed.

And of course, Sitepoint is a great place to gain a lot of those skills. I think the main reason I post so much isn’t because I like helping people (even though I do), but because every day I’m on here I pick up some little tip, trick, or idea that I’ve never knew.

Good luck!

I agree with samanime. Rather than looking to buy a site that’s up for sale, you should take some time to learn web design and development. There will be far more opportunities available to you in the future if you do that, rather than looking to buy a site to make a bit of cash here and there.

Your background in print will be a plus too and having web design and dev skills will make you a good candidate for any potential job.

Hi thanks for the responses guys…

I’m reasonably well versed in the technical aspect. Over the years…and boy it is years now, I’ve built a couple of sites, actually primarily in flash, but I’m by no means an expert. My years to web sites ratio is really poor. More recently I spent a fair time, learning how to create templates for wordpress from the ground up, but my programming skills are fairly poor, but i wouldn’t say I was a novice.

However I can see that some sites for sale can also be seen as viable investments - that just need some support and TLC. So the truth is I’d be willing to invest some hard cash in a couple…I suppose just like any other business investment.

The positive aspect is I do have some time - so I might see how I fair with a couple of basic sites, (to learn how the affiliate side works) get my own portfolio site together and go from there.

I’ll admit the business model seduces me. At the moment I’m thinking why shouldn’t one decent site make at least 50 euros a month? Multiply that by 5 sites to begin with (which is granted still a lot of work) then that’s a good start. How many people believe the same. Still I’m sure there’s decent blogs out there earning nothing.

The problem with it, is it all seems a bit too much like pyramid selling!

My problem is I’m 38, so I’ve got to get stuff moving fairly quickly - but I don’t want to get sucked in by the whole make a quick buck.

Anyway thanks for your responses - if anybody else can chip in especially if they’ve faced a similar dilemma.