Will this be an insult to bloggers?


I’m thinking of inviting respected/known bloggers to write about my site. However, I don’t want to waste my time doing it if less than half of them won’t even lift a finger… or even bother to visit my site. Sure, yeah I know it depends on the quality of my site & what is has to offer… I want just to cut to the chase and tell them I’ll give them a commission for every sale I make because of their “canned” review of my site’s super awesome services.

In short I want to bribe bloggers. Your thoughts??

Any credible and respected blogger will likely say no outright.
Any blogger that would accept probably isn’t worth the bribe.


That sums it up, but yeah, unless you’re offering amounts “they can’t refuse”, you’ll probably just be wasting your time.

You can give it a try as there are some bloggers make living from there. However, to find the quality bloggers who can write a beautiful reviews of your products are uncertain.

If you have the fate to meet the blogger, please grab it. Otherwise, I’d advise you not to waste the time in finding.

How about adding a page to your site where you invite bloggers to guest post? I’m also looking for some guest posters if there are anyone here are interested…

No insult, but I never write reviews of products or services I don’t use and when I do right them most have both pros and cons that need addressing. IMO, “glowing reviews” are not worth the time it takes to read them. They look bought and paid for simply because they usually are.

Its all depend on being famous. Do your work make a page and invite some people if they didn’t come don’t get panic. One day when your blog high rank and enough visitor how much you expect from that blog. People will come to you and say can i write a guest post please.

I’ve thought of that, but wont that can weaken the perception credibility of a website?

Hi shyflower, can you post URLs of some of your recent reviews? Or you can PM me ifthats against forum rules.

Sorry, it is against SitePoint’s guidelines to do either. That’s what signature links are for. If you want to read someone’s work, follow their link.

(BTW… I very seldom review anything because of what I posted above and I don’t ever do it for money.)

Thank you for your reply Shyflower. There’s obviously a lot I still need to get used to on this forum… I like your stance about not doing it for money… but really? :slight_smile: J/K

Have to verify bloggers and registered writer from some big blogs as well

Really! My credibility as a writer is more important to me than any amount of money. Real reviews list both pros and cons of a product or service. When you are paid to review a product, the “client” (and I use that term loosely here) doesn’t want to see the “cons”. He wants a glowing report of his “brain-child”.

Bought and paid for reviews are neither reviews nor testimonials, they are pulp-fiction at its lowest.

Most quality bloggers will not write for money. I’ve had bloggers review some websites I’ve built - usually you just have to tell them what it’s about, why it’s interesting, and they’ll do it without incentive. Of course, the site has to be worthy of being written about. That’s the tricky part. :slight_smile:

Some bloggers, those really good ones, will do it if they have time and sometimes for free. Don’t lose hope.

If you give some credit to the blogger then surely any1 will say yes

Bribe?? I am not sure if its the right word or not? Hire sounds much more professional. I know many bloggers who are hired or paid for writing blogs.

It’s true. Bribery is quite a heavy word to use.
So instead of doing that, I strongly suggest that you hire bloggers who are interested to write about the reviews you want. Also, it’s good to make sure that the agreements are clear and no party is being stumbled upon. In other words, it’s best to compromise when situation calls for it.