Will it be harmfull for my site to put too much repeating keywords?

Try creating your pages naturally, the way people would like and enjoy reviewing it. Besides, higher keyword densities, adding too many H tags to the pages or repeating words in the titles again and again will never generate some useful outcomes.

actually having a key word density of more than 10% is too much. So you’re only allowed to key in a keyword 3-5 times

My comment was more of a general observation than a response to your specific issue, so sorry for the misunderstanding. For your situation: If the site’s for the use of your students, why do you care what your SEO keywords are like? The students are a targeted audience who presumably will get the link to the site from you, the student forums site, or the university Web site. SEO won’t matter nearly as much because you’re selecting your audience and approaching them with much more effective methods of outreach. If the papers you’re putting online are IPU-specific, then it shouldn’t matter whether a student from UCLA or the Sorbonne can find them.

Ohh come on… i told you that its not an article site. I dont have time to write some unique articles, i am doing my post graduation. Its already too hard for me to get these papers and scan them. I am doing this for 1,00,000+ students in my university searching for them everyday. I want them to land them on my site.

Why not just write good solid content with sensible placement of keywords and let the situation take care of itself? All this voodoo with “fast cars” vs “cars that go fast” really strikes me as a bit wobbly. A thousand hours spent working on SEO voodoo can’t make up for a few hours spent writing well-written, solid content.