Will it be harmfull for my site to put too much repeating keywords?

I have a site which is like a network for my university’s students. For now, i am concentrating on putting previous year question papers as i know that students search for them online. So there is not much content on the site. Now with every paper, i manually enter the meta data. Now i feel like i am having too much repeatition in the metadata with some words like “question paper” and “ip University” occurring again and again, within the same page and across all pages.
So how should i decide upon my key words??
For eg, i think there might be 2 possible keywords that the students might be searching for - “ip university exam papers” or “ip university question papers”. So should i repeat the word “ip university” twice or more within the same line, like “ip university exam papers,ip university question papers,ip university previous year papers” or should i keep it like this –> “ip univeristy,exam papers,question papers”

I have a vast number of papers but dont have various keywords to avoind repitition. So is this ok that i repeat keywords for different papers or i should do something about it.

If they keep it top-secret, should you be reproducing it at all?

Do you have the copyright permissions to do this.

Surely there shouldn’t be any issues for secrecy unless you’re posting the questions pre-exam!

If you’re using ipaper or scanning images then the fact is you have no SEO content there, so you will have to reproduce the papers contents if you’re wanting the search engines to pick up and rank your pages.

I wouldn’t worry about repeating the Uni and exam papers keywords. Try concentrating on the uniqueness of each paper; it’s title, summary, questions.

Of course you could go to the source. I’m assuming that these papers have been electronically produced by somebody? i.e. the exam body.

Why don’t you ask them for an electronic copy? Sounds a bit silly you having to OCR something that’s already been typed up.


They might be produced electronically but there is no way they are giving it to me. They keep it top secret. So scanning is the only way left.

Anyways, thanks for all the suggestions people. I learned a lot from this discussion and now i should think about getting more content on my site.

If you use the keywords in you content.there two type you can use

  • you use repeatably
  • you use in unique content

If you use Second type is method its very attractive and google prefer the second methos.if you use first then you not gain rank in your site


You need to stop worrying about other people taking your content and putting it on their site - make your site the authority. If you are worried about them stealing content, then use absolute links throughout the content to your own content so it’s all interlinked and if they scrape it they end up linking to you.

Using i-paper, flash, PDF etc is NOT a viable method for SEO compared to semantically marked up HTML and text content.

Stuffing or using Meta elements will NOT help you rank for poorly constructed and displayed content.

It really is not easy to answer this
We know that there is the concept of keyword stuffing which could get your website penalized or banned by Google. So keywords density of more than 5% and you may be running a fine line

Haha… i will be in jail if i put them before papers. University has no copyright over the material, its educational and students have universal right over it. Its just that they cant risk a loophole in the security by letting me know how,where and by whom are the papers produced just to ease up my job of posting it online. They dont even keep an archive of old papers and seriously i have no bloody idea why they do this. So i collect them from students directly.

flash paper sucks ~mightily~

here’s a suggestion: arrange it so that there will be a “real” (html) page of content for each paper, and the content of that page, i.e. the text you type in there, will describe the paper – an abstract, if you will

thus the search engines can glom up a very accurate description, and your papers will be easily found

If you are worried about other people stealing your content, there’s only one solution - don’t put it on a public website in the first place! Once it’s there, people can steal it, and putting in a different format won’t stop them. And quite honestly, as well as being crap for SEO, plug-ins and other formats like i-paper, Flash, PDF and the rest of them are also just plain horrible for users … so if you start using those, it would be painfully easy for your competitors to steal your content, re-format it into user-friendly and search-friendly HTML format and quickly become far more popular than your own site!

rotate your keywords, basically, you have a keyword group for example.

fast cars
cars that go fast
speedy cars
super fast cars
supercars go fast
fast supercars

rotate them in your marketing accordingly, like on articles etc for offsite, and on site so that you don’t look like a spammer site.

Make sure to rotate keywords and use unique content with your targeted key words in it for submission this will help you.

Ok i think i know what you people are talking about my wrong procedures but i have a reason for that. The problem is, i am not the only one trying to make such a site, i got competitors. I should have mentioned it earlier, but i was hesitating to say that like any other hard working being, i too want to make money with this. Now my competitors aint so friendly. They must be trying really hard to steal my papers and put them on their site. Though i should not be criticizing but they got a messy site, was not helpful at my time. So i decided to make a user friendly and a perfect site for the purpose. I might not be doing it in the right way but thats what i can do to the best of my knowledge. Got a problem so came here to get advise from the experts. Oh and about listing to the university’s website and other means of advertising, we are a kind of outlaws to the university so we cant ask them for some favor. SEO is the only thing i got to promote my site.

i know flash paper sucks, but its ipaper from scribd. Can you suggest me something that wont be glommed by my competitors??

Oh and i just got this question, am i safe with i paper or is there still a chance that they can be downloaded as a pdf somehow??

What i decided for my problem is this:

> Installed a module which enables me to change the page title(that goes in the title bar) and page title(the heading of the page in h1) differently for each page. So i am gonna try different keywords in those.

> I will be concentrating more on meta description than meta tags

> I will be putting some random stuff in the body tag and will mark the keywords with <strong> or <em> like tags.

> I will spend more time on sitepoint :slight_smile:

One last question, is there a problem with long URL’s as they are gonna be longer when i stuff keywords in page title 2.

I thought that advice was pretty self explanatory actually :slight_smile:

Then you’re using the wrong method. Putting lipstick on a gorilla aint gonna make it pretty - use the right tools for the right job and you can expect the right results.

No. The keywords meta tag isn’t used by search engines for ranking. Only use the keyword meta tag for internal search purposes or to allow the page to be found (not ranked) if the words don’t appear on the page.

Keyword density is a myth. There is no “right” amount or percentage. If it reads like natural speech then it’s ok.

Honestly though, it sounds like you have chosen the wrong approach and are now facing the consequences of trying to use the wrong tool for the job. The reality is there are no quick and easy ways for almost anything in this world.

Exactly. It can be very harmful to stuff your site with too many keywords. Google is very strict when it comes to these things so be careful.

Thanks for the reply, very rude though…

Here’s the whole scenario…
I have installed an ipaper module from scribd.com and what i do is upload papers to scribd and display it on my site in whatever format it uses to protect them from being copied. Now using this method will enable the search engine to index the keyword only from the title as there is no text other than that on the page. So i stuff down all the keywords in the meta tags section to make it more relevant. I cant really use those tags in <h1> tags or some other tags coz i dont have programmed this site, i created it thru drupal, you see i am just a beginner. After uploading about 100 papers, i felt like i am repeating the keywords, though i try to invent new ones, but still some repeat always.
So plz help me out with this, i have no bloody idea how to manage this keyword thing. I have about 500+ papers lined up to be uploaded and i dont know what m i gonna do about keyword thing. I cant leave them blank.
Also, i have checked the keyword density of my site. The max times occuring keyword according to seohat.com is “prepared by university” with a density of 0.92% and as reported by seobooks.com’s tool, its “exam” with 4.37% density(i am getting confused with those tools also)
So where do i stand now ??
Also, plz tell me what is the appropriate way to enter meta tags,
like this(“ip university exam papers,ip university question papers,ip university previous year papers”)
or like this(“ip univeristy,exam papers,question papers”)

What about forums like dp itself. At the bottom of this box is the tags box. It must be getting filled with repeatitive words everyday like millions of times. What about that ?

Plz help me out people. Its not that i have not searched about this. I just cant find a suitable solution for my problem.

Rotate keywords ?? what does that means ??
and as i told you earlier, there is no written text on the pages as papers are in flash format. Should i write something different in META Desc. everytime ??


obviously, everything hinges on the definition of “too much”

call up your mom and read the text over the phone to her – if she says “whoa, whoa, why do you keep saying ‘question papers’ so often?” then it’s too much

alternatively, wait for your site to sink like a stone in the serps, and you’ll know you’ve exceeded the “too much” threshold

No no no u dont understand… These are question papers which we get in the exams and i have struggled a lot to collec them. They always come in as an actual physical paper to me, so i have to scan them always as typing will be such a waste of time. Then i tried some OCR softwares to convert them into textual papers, but there are always mistakes and specially those complicated maths symbols fails to appear. So putting them in an image format is the only option, right ?
Now it doesnt matter that i use flash paper modules or not, they are still not going to be indexed as an image. But if i put them just like that, people steal them and put them into their smaller, single college scoped blogs which got into my nerves. So i moved on to ipaper. Thats the situation and these are my limitations, fixed ,limitation for which i can do nothing. Now i am trying to solve the SEO issue on my site with all these things.
Got me now ??
Believe me guys there is no other way around. If there is some, i will be really happy to hear that.
Now, am i right what i am doing to improve, like putting keywords in the title bar and headings ??

check out my suggestion in post #9