Will Increase in Wordpress Blog Posts Hurt SEO?

I am adding a resource list to my blog where I will be adding 2-300 new posts. If I publish all these posts at the same time (with a historical date) will it flag any search engines as my site trying to spam?

I have sitemaps at Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so I don’t want to raise any flags when my post count goes from 15 to 215.

If it is a problem, how many can I post a day to where I won’t raise any red flags?

It’s not going to look like spam if the content is natural and of quality. Search engines tend to scrutinize the quality of the content much more than the quantity of the content.

If you’re articles are organic and provide some value then you have nothing to worry about.

Ok great, yes they are totally relevant to my site, I just wanted to make sure a spike in the number of posts in my sitemap wouldn’t cause a red flag.

I believe wordpress is nofollow now, anyway.

Well nofollow makes no difference when we’re talking about indexing website content. Google will index pages from a nofollow link but PR simply won’t be passed through.

Wordpress does come standard with nofollow but you will still get your post indexed no matter what. This can be a positive even for your links that are sitting inside the post you have created. Wordpress devs do give a DoFollow hack that can be found here: codex.wordpress.org/Nofollow - and does work very well.

I used to run a wordpress blog and I ranked from 0/10 to 3/10 in less than 7 months because of how well wordpress is a #1 SEO ranker on the web for bloggers, or any type of site.

as long as its not dupe or just copied content then its fine…

no wordpress blog not heart to SEO but it also useful in ranking

The nofollow attribute is only applied to comment links - not content or internal links.

As long as the content is original, there is no limit/penalty to posting content. You could launch a 10,000 page/post site tomorrow and wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. New large sites are launched every day.

If the content isn’t original, or meaningless, or spurious in its taxonomy then you might be treated differently.

I think you may be confusing rapid link accumulation with large post generation.

I had heard in one of the training classes of Matt Cutts that its absolutely fine to even add 1000 posts at a time. He only said that if there are 1 million posts, posting them suddenly is little risky. But for 100 posts and 1000 posts, it ain’t a problem

So feel free to add all at a time!

just make the content original and very resourceful, it will not hurt SEO wordpress