Will Google's content farm foreclosure discourage you from using articles?

In view of the fact that Google’s recent and much-discussed update is known to have targeted content farms, and that Ezine Articles is being called the #1 loser, will you using article-writing as part of your SEO in the future less? The same? Not at all? Please vote.

No, it won’t have any effect on me.
I’ve been a writer for years, nothin has stopped me and this won’t effect me either.

on those rare occasions when i do write an article, i post it only on my own site, nowhere else

i never did understand why you would want to cannibalize your own traffic by posting them elsewhere

But how you market those articles when you have already put them on your own site.

well, there’s the whole issue, isn’t it

putting them on my site ~is~ marketing them, as far as i’m concerned

I really hate the process of marketing articles in a content farm. And I am thankful that finally google have come to their senses.
I always market mysite. I believe that marketing articles at other site is a waste of time. If your articles are good enough, people will find them in your site and link to them increasing your popularity. To popularize my site is the whole point of marketing. Isn’t it ?
I don’t understand why everyone is hellbent in providing their precious articles to other site. If you must create blog and lenses in creditable places like wp with the dot com, blogpost, squiddo etc.

Devaluing Article Directories where the sole purpose is to provide a backlink in exchange for content, is a no-brainer for Google. I am surprised Google did not act earlier.

The devaluation of content farms should make the articles you write and publish on your own site more valuable than before - since they will not be competing for the top spot with plaigiarised or stolen copies of the same article.

Same here. I built a site that people enjoy visiting, so they read my articles on my site. I see little purpose in putting content on other people’s sites.

A warning about the future though…

Google takes down content sites today. What happens as google starts to want to build their own traffic to their own content? They will most certainly want you to post articles on google. We obviously already see this on twitter, facebook and other web properties. We may be coming to a time where the little guy is getting squeezed out, and the big guys have a larger share of the content pie. I find it a little scary.

That said, I think some sites were purveyors of low quality content, and there is logic in wanting to manage that aspect.

I write & post article on several occasions, but nothing bad has happened till now. I always submit article to the list which I have maintained with some specific directories. Let’s see what happens in future & let’s hope for best.