Will Google let me link multiple sites to a single site?

Hi all,

My 2nd post here and I tried searching for an answer to this but couldn’t find it so maybe you all could help me with this.

I have several sites with the same name but different extensions (com, net, org, etc) but want them all to point to my main site. This main one will be the only site that I plan on putting adsense & other ads on, but I also want to utilize the others.

Will it be okay to have net, org and the others mention a little something about the product and have a link to the the main site?

ie “Welcome to 2nd site. Info about product. For more info, visit my main site”

Or should I just forget about utilizing the others? I will post the same question on several webmaster forums because I’d like to know everyone’s opinions and experience. Thanks all.


Don’t put text on each site and point to the main site.

Just do a 301 redirect on each site so users are automatically forwarded, you don’t get duplicate content penalties, and and link juice lives on.

Thank you for the quick reply, tke71709!

I’ve read about this 301 redirect thingy in the past but I just didn’t know if it could be applied to my situation because my sites aren’t built yet. I thought it was mainly used to preserve rankings on old sites and contents.

If I don’t put text on the other sites, will Google see it or index it? If it sees it, will it just automatically be forwarded to my main site and then it will index the main site (because the others are empty)?

I have much to learn. Thank you for your help.