Will Google crawl a blog more than once? I missed a trick and want to change content

I want to change some keyphrases that I used in the writing of some blog pages to more productive ones. In a regular, non-blog page I know google will revisit and use the amendments, but will it do it with blog pages, too, or are they treated differently because of their newsy nature? If they treat blogs as news, they aren’t likely to go looking for old news?


Well, it is more likely that google will revisit your webpages, however i would suggest you that resubmit your blog url to google’s webmaster’s tools or to some ping sites. It is true that non blog pages outweigh the blog pages, but then you can always ask google to consider your page irrespective of the type of your page.

[FONT=verdana]Don’t worry about this. Google will crawl your site at whatever interval it thinks is appropriate, based on a number of factors. But it won’t crawl a blog less often, just because it’s a blog. Your amendments will show up sooner or later, although no-one can tell you exactly how long it will take.


First make sure your old version of the blog got cached, if not you google will take the changes recently done when it caches. If your old version got cached then wait for some time google bot will revisit your blog soon.

Google will crawl your site regularly (I think) and you can see it on your webmaster tool