Will Google count property="dc:title" or the title provided by me

I am working on a drupal site, which has the property of

property=“dc:title” set to it so it shows in google serp as ==> Mymobile site - mobilesellers.com

but in actual the site title is set to “we sell great mobile phones buy mobiles online”

will Google count the property=“dc:title” or the title which is actually present on the site while ranking the page.

Currently in serp’s it is showing dc:title as the title for each page.
My team mates say that dc:title does not matter google will actually rank ur <title> when viewing a page

Please guide me

You seem to have your evidence right there – no need for any theoretical discussions, Google is using the dc:title. (My guess is that is displaying that one rather than the <title> because the <title> is just a keyword-filled spamfest, not a page title). As to how they compare when ranking the pages, that’s difficult to tell, because there are so many factors that feed into the ranking algorithm. If it thinks that your dc:title is the actual page title and the <title> is a load of rubbish, my guess would be that that’s how it will treat them in the ranking as well as in the display, but I’ve not seen any research into it.

Thanks for the reply Stevie D
so you mean to say google will count the dc property for ranking my page and not the actual keyword flooded title