Will google consider image map

Hi All,
I’m using a image on that upper half referring one page and remaining part of the image points another page. My question is will google consider consider as two link or any one

<a href="page1.html">
<img border=0 src=img-location alt="alt text here" usemap="#map"></a>
<map name="map" id="map"><area shape="rect" coords="0,15,80,30" href="page2.html" />

Image map links are not a problem today for the major search engines. If you have a standard anchor <a href=“page.html”> then you’re in.

However, if the link is inside a javascript function <a href=“#” onClick=“…”> or <a href=“javascript:…”> then Google will probably not be following or indexing it.

is this one actually works?? well if its clickable then google can crawl on it…

If you don’t want to show the links to search engine you can use DOM which will make the image map links invisible to SE.

google will treat these as two links when you will see in cached text of web page then link will be shown on given tooltip. :slight_smile: