I have been having a hard time determining the best wiki available for use on a website. I don’t mind throwing business to online products if the wiki isn’t too expensive, but obviously, I would prefer one that has a free version available do that I can play around with it to see whether it will meet my needs before I purchase. Since this website and forum seems to be one of the most knowledgeable with regard to all thing’s Internet and the web, I thought I’d pick some brains here and get some valuable feedback prior to committing, that is you-all don’t mind.

Oh, and I am looking to use a wiki written in php or asp preferably, though anything VB will be looked at as well.

What about MediaWiki ( It’s the same wiki software that Wikipedia uses and it’s free. Will the wiki software that you eventually go for have to integrate or work together with any other apps (eg forum, blog, etc)?

Yes, I wish to integrate it with my website. I am running a tiny little hosting company and wish to use it in place of a user manual for how my customers can utilize their control panels. There are a few items I’d like to include, like how to customize Wordpress and things like that. So, customizing it will be a significant consideration.