Wierd traffic sourceplease help!

i keep getting visits for the last month from an IP from russia but is redirected to show visitor from the USA a link of the visitor is below from my statcounter stats

Referring URL:

Host Name: c-98-249-240-234.hsd1.fl.comcast.net Browser: IE 8.0

IP Address: — [Label IP Address] Operating System: WinXP

Location: Miami, Florida, United States Resolution: 1024x768

Returning Visits: 0 Javascript: Enabled

Visit Length: 1 min 40 secs ISP: Comcast Cable

what is this any ideas? I have Russia blocked on my hosting account but it still gets through. I had hostgator run a scan on my sites and they said all is good. I check ed the source code and no hidden scripts. I also have a blog on this domain in a sub directory but it only hits the front page? I sell click bank products on my site and sales have plummeted, related maybe?

any help is appreciated.