Width for 1024x768 resolution screen?


I am going to redesign my site to fit a 1024x768 screen resolution as this is now the majority of my visitors and I want to take advantage of the additional space :wink:

But what is the maximum I can make the width of the site to display in a 1024x768 screen correctly? I mean for and 800x600 res. screen the maximum width you can use is 770px to ensure that it fits in all browsers. Does anyone know the max width for a 1024x768 res?



994? I’d say it’s just the same … spare the same 30pixels for scrollbars etc …

I have found out that espn.com is designed for a 1024x768 screen res. and they use a max width of 990px - Is that what others use?

1004 will do you fine, the scrollbars are 20px

How do you know?

Take a look at the WebMonkey recommendations - and decide which browsers you can ignore (unfortunately the set of browsers in this table is a bit outdated… :frowning: )

Or you could stop polluting the web with fixed width design sites.

Cause Ive been doing it since 1999 and have yet to have a single problem with that size on any of the site I have ever built!

I use width 778 for 800… so deducting 22 from 1024, I would use 1002

Yes, it is a little old, but now I can complete my dream of designing for Netscape 4.7 on a Mac.