Width container problem

How can I fix this width problem? My width container doesn’t fit at all when trying to set the width size.

Sreen size: 800 x 1280

Url Link : Jewel Shop

Thank you!

Why do you have widths set on the H1 at all? Just remove those, and they’ll fit the width of the container.

I did remove the width and added some margin from the right?

And also, from the header part. Top margin from banner-info overlaps, is it just okay?

Url link: Jewel

Are you actually seeing a problem or just asking if there is one? You could remove the margins if you don’t want them, but other than that, the only problem will be if the text (or individual words) gets too long for the available space—in which case the word will get hidden behind the images. There is a CSS property for forcing words to wrap, if that’s your concern.

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I guess it’s fixed now. And now this one:

My banner-info. Its margin top overlaps from .Logo. Is it just okay?

Screen resolution: 640 x480

Url Link : jewel

Any opinions, suggestions or violent reactions? I’m done with the front web page.


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