Wideimage resize constraint from height?

I am trying to make an resize script with the use of wideimage. But I want to resize the image if its landscape to 125 px height or if its potrait to 125 wide… How do I do so? Here is what I got now:

$img = WideImage::loadFromFile($_FILES['file']['tmp_name']);
$img = $img->resize(125);
$img->saveToFile('profileimages/' . $file);
$cropped = $img->crop('center', 'center', 125, 125);
$cropped->saveToFile('profileimages/' . $file);

I want to make my images exactly 125 px square without any empty spaces.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance…

what is the name of your form field for the file?


$img = WideImage::loadFromFile($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'])->resize(125 , 124 , 'outside')->crop('center', 'center', 125, 125)->saveToFile('yourfile path');