Wicked Horrible CSS Bug

I’m in the middle of converting on of my client’s sites to WordPress. The site looks great in all browsers, even IE6 and 7. But in IE8, the logo pushes down about 18px

Demo site: http://ttcc.xraysierra.com

I tried everything I could think of but the bug persists. Has anyone ever run into this, especially using IE8. I’ve actually never had a lot of problems with IE8.

Woops! Can’t believe I missed that, thank you!

No, it’s not a bug. It is invalid code!
You can’t nest block level elements inside inline elements. You nested your h1 inside an anchor.

<div id="header">
<a href="http://ttcc.xraysierra.com/">[COLOR=Red]<h1[/COLOR] class="sitename">Transport Training Centres of Canada[COLOR=Red]</h1>[/COLOR]</a>