I want to ask here why some of my post/thread is deleted ?
Before I read rule and write post without break some rule but some of my post is deleted without nothing explained about that.
if am not welcome here please tell me and I will back off from this forum.
I think this is open for community .
Here want to share and get some news from other peoples
Am the active member long time on NP and DN forums and now want to be + here , but if you dont let me in here I probably will get out.
Please correct me if am wrong for anything here.


From what I can see, the only post of yours that was deleted was a post on a thread that was over six months old and didn’t add any value to the discussion. For us, that fits the definition of fluff (which is pretty clearly explained in the PM that comes on fluffed posts)

If you believe that more than one post has been deleted can you supply more information please?

You are definitely welcome here, as is everyone! :slight_smile:

We do have a clear post quality standard however, and everyone is expected to comply to it in order to keep this place interesting.

You can read more about that here.

You may want to check your Private Messages.

If they don’t explain things clearly enough you can and should reply back asking for further clarification.

Thanks for all yours reply here.
I not say that dont get clearly explain via PM , I say other 2 my post is deleted and dont get explain for that.
But anyway that is done. I only want if some of my post is deleted will get explain why.
Like you say I hope am welcome here. Am registered here long time ago and been in active and now want to be here and share my experience and teach some other from this forum.
Now may close this thread I get answers .
Thanks to Admin and team leaders.