Why Your Website’s Design Needs To Be Unique

The whole purpose of developing a website is to make sure that people visit it. However, just having a website isn’t enough to get people’s attention. Your website needs to stand out, if you ever intend to actually benefit from it. So, here are a few reasons to make you understand, why a website’s design must be unique:
Brand identity

Yes you are right the web is basically the pillar of your business if your web impress the visitor it will be good for business.

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Well I’d say it primarily needs to answer questions or help solve problems your visitor may have. Things like brand identity and customisation are fine but if your visitors can’t complete their key tasks then it’s really a lost cause.


I would disagree.

google anything

None of those sites are really anything special in terms of design. However, they have the most traffic. Well thought ux perhaps but not unique.


Yes, i am partially agreed with oddz, but all above sites like Facebook and amazon provide maximum benefits(in terms of Time and money) in a shorter time, so people love to visit sites.
Whenever we talk about the business website, it should be attractive and unique because whenever we see any unique website we start thinking about their work. If the website is not unique people are not even interested to read or see your website and information.
unique and attractive website create more traffic as compared to the normal website.

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