Why would someone aim a URL at my site that appears to be testing wordfence/ajax

I see the following URL request in my logs - Anyone know why they would want to test wordfence/ajax?



Maybe it’s to see if wordfence is installed or maybe wordfence has weak spot??? Anyone!

Wordfence is a wordpress security plugin

Panic over. It appears to be coming from my own installation of wordfence, so I guess there’s nothing to fear. Sorry to waste your time.


I was about to say that someone was testing to see whether you had a security breach available for a known exploit - that’s what I would have expected (and would have locked down tight before anyone could visit).

If it’s from your own website, that doesn’t mean that there was not a hacker testing your website so, please, investigate further!



Thanks dklynn

I’ve already battened down the hatches, but I think I’ll have a word with the wordfence people - see if I should expect this kind of query. It’s just that I have been using wordfence for some months now, and I’ve never seen it before.