Why would she get in trouble for this?

Hello! ,:wink: am a 20 year old girl , my partner is 40+, she is refusing to buy me drinks in public fearing she would get in troubles even though am an adult myself, so i was wondering why would she get in troubles and not me ? and if so what kind of troubles? since i passed 18 and therefore legally an adult .
thanks :):slight_smile:
P.S we live in NY

Legal drinking age in NY is 21 buddy :). It’s illegal to buy drinks for under 21’ers



In short, hefty fines, jail time, suspension of driving license, depending on the state and circumstances.

You just told the whole world why your friend won’t let you buy a drink (because you are under 21 and you think like 17)

Won’t hurt knowing/searching the legal drinking age first.

I’m 18, my girlfriend is 17. The legal age to purchase alcohol in the UK is 18, though it’s 16 in restaurants, accompanied, and 5 at home.

I was buying some wine for her family yesterday, and she got asked for ID too, even though she was waiting outside. Fortunately it was a friend of the family who understood and let us off (very “local” and friendly village) but technically I could have been in trouble for that.

she was asked for ID, even though she was waiting outside the store??!
what the heck?!! are they checking people outside the store for ID, because people inside the store is buying alcohol?

that’s like denying people to drive, because there are some people in the town who can’t see… :stuck_out_tongue:

or better, denying people to work, because some will get sick after a while… or denying people to have kids, because people dies when they gets old… hahaha I hope this isn’t true :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume that they’re suffering the same problem we have in Spain: Older people who can legally buy alcohol enter into the store and buy drinks… for people under aged waiting outside :smiley: