Why working with other programmers can drive you crazy

Hi Guys,

I just thought I’d share a recent experience on a rather large project at my current place of employment. On one of my first jobs here I was given the task to program a site after our lead programmer took ill. (I was hired to eventually take his place when he was ready to leave)

So after returning from illness he decided to get involve and “help” move the project along quicker… After all two programmers are always better then one, right?

So fast forward six months later, the programmer is has left and the client comes to us with a significant problem with the way the software is working. I’ve spent two weeks combing through the code the other programmer did trying to find the bug. After bashing my head into my desk over the significant differences in programming styles I finally found the issue knock on wood, as it’s in testing right now.

The other programmer doesn’t believe in camal casing. So throughout the site we had a variable set to userID. He set his variable to userid… It’s little things like this that drive me up the wall when working with others. I understand it when it’s extremely large projects where one programmer just can’t do it all… but a job like this only needed one programmer and as a result of adding more then needed the project had numerous bugs and I’ll be fixing some of the other things this programmer chose to do because he thought it’d be a good route to go.

Sorry for my rant, but I took a lot of heat over this at work and it turns out that to be a camal casing issue by this other programmer. :nono:

I agree with you on that one.
I always stress that anyone joining on my projects uses Hungarian notation and all the right indents etc, as otherwise you spend much longer at the end correcting small things that could easily have been avoided from day one.
Suppose that’s just a lesson for everyone to learn themselves :slight_smile: