Why won't this code validate?

Lost, validating a site and one line of code is coming up as an error and not a clue why :frowning:

Line of cide is 192 on this page: http://cmg.pelli.co.uk/index.php/business-moves/business-relocations/

<input name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit Form" />

If you can help would be so grateful!

It validates.

The code validates at the W3 checker but not at WDG:


Here’s what I get there:

Errors and Warnings
Line 178, character 22:
<label for=“Time”>Preferred Time<em>*</em></label>
Error: reference to non-existent ID Time

<label for=“Time”>Preferred Time<em>*</em></label>

Change to:
<label for=“time”>Preferred Time<em>*</em></label>

THank you very much guys, apologies, late last night I put the code in <p> tags and it validated, meant to post here but was late and I forgot.

But you have also cleared up the warning was getting so thanks very much for that :slight_smile: