Why Web content is so Important?

Any one please guide me website link structure is so important after Google Penguin Update?

[FONT=Verdana]That seems a very odd question, especially from somebody who posted elsewhere in the forum

Let me add that if your content is weak, then you’ll find it difficult to attract visitors and the ones you do attract are very unlikely to return.

If your site isn’t about the content, then what on earth is it about?[/FONT]

What puzzled me is that you labeled this thread about content and then asked a question about link structure. One has nothing to do with the other and because of that, this thread is closed. Please decide what your question is and post it in the appropriate forum. However, before you do, make sure read the guideline thread in the forum as well as familiarize yourself with the community guidelines in the FAQs/rules before you continue to post.