Why Use Twitter?

Twitter is great for driving good traffic to your site and ranking your site higher in Google. Since the launch of caffeine Google’s algorithm now incorporates twitter tweets to determine a websites worth thus its position in the SERP’s. That is huge and tweeting should be an active part of your SEO strategy.

How does Twitter help in driving traffic to a site and ranking higher in Google? I am still learning different SEO strategies and have heard great things about Twitter.


Well, in a nut shell. Get a twitter account, follow people in your niche or category that you have a website in and if they are interested in you they will follow you back. Once you get 2000 or so followers start tweeting some of your articles or pages on your website linking back to them of course. if your content is good and or popular at the moment your followers and other people interested in your niche will re-tweet your tweets. This by itself can drive mountains of traffic to your site if done properly, don’t spam.

Google has found twitter to be a top notch resource for organic links and that is why they included tweeting in their algorithm. How they pay attention to your links back to your site or articles when you tweet it is Google looks at how many followers you have, how many people retweet your tweet and how many followers they have. Through this method I have had articles and pages indexed within minutes.

This is just a simple explanation, a lot more goes into it. I recommended you spend a lot of time in the SEO and social networking sections of this and other forums to learn more details. But, dive right in, go get yourself a twitter account and start poking around.

For collecting useful information it is good, but Twitter has never produced results for my website’s traffic and promotion. I hardly go there once in a week.

I think that when you ask the question “what do I do on Twitter?” you should be asking the question “should I be on Twitter at all?” first. Just being jealous “all of the cool Twitterers” and wanting “to jump on the bandwagon” is not really a good way of approaching this.

dmvictoria gave a great write-up on how you can use Twitter to improve your rankings in search engines. As rmaenza has pointed out, Twitter, like all social networks, is a great tool to reach out to people. The difference between platforms like Facebook and Twitter is that the first is to connect with people you know, the second is for connecting with people you don’t know.

I assume that you want to use Twitter for personal branding or publicity. So ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my ultimate goal on this platform?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. What type of content will I share?
  4. What is my personal identity?
  5. Do I have the resources to maintain my presence on this platform?

Here is a sample case:

  1. Guide traffic to my website and improve search engine ranking.
  2. People interested in Ruby on Rails.
  3. Interesting links about RoR, posts from my blog about RoR.
  4. Laid back, funny, but always professional (no swearing, no personal life details, no bad behavior)
  5. Half an hour per day to check Twitter and post tweets. Five hours per week to write a complete and well researched blog post.

These questions will give you a road map to follow. I you got interesting content, people will follow you. I set up an account for a website only to automatically post links to new content which had 500+ followers in 2 months without any interaction (direct messaging,…).

On the other hand, I set up my personal account two weeks ago and only post links to interesting stuff about social media and mobile. So far I got 1 follower :rofl:.

The problem is that having a personal account without being famous won’t bring results. Interesting content will attract followers. Be careful though not to put too much into the number of followers though, since a lot of them may be “dead” accounts. This may result in having lots of followers, but not much traffic on your website and not a lot of retweets.

Frank Klein, Tutistech

Thanks for the tip guys. I need to start using Twitter to improve my Search engine rankings.

I’ve found twitter quite useful, mostly for following knowledgable people and checking out the links they suggest. Have won a couple of things, last year it was a pass to flashonthebeach for plugging their conference.