Why Unique Article Wizard Sucks

I have been using unique article wizard for the past 3 months and have not gotten a single number one ranking. when I check my backlink count for articles submitted back in October google shows 10 out of 550 successful submissions using UAW. The sites they post to are PR 0 and most of them have thousands of pages and only 200 or so pages indexed by google. My advice is don’t let any one tell you that all backlinks are created equal.

Well what do you know. Refusing to write original content doesn’t work.

You’re beginning to understand technically unique is not the same thing as original writing. And attempting to rig page rank is vastly different from earning backlinks through the quality of your writing and originality of thought.

Welcome to a larger world.

Actually, this is very good news for those of us who work at writing original content!

Do you want to say that the Unique content has no value or the duplicate content can also earn you a lot of the backlinks :confused:


Original content needs to be written by hand because content generators take content and convert it to junk.

Neither duplicate content nor junk has any value so feeding something that would be considered duplicate content through a generator that converts it to junk doesn’t change its value.

The only proper way to use the content generators is to feed private label content in a few dozen times to generate a few dozen different junk variants of the original then pick the one that is closest to your own writing style and go through rewriting it yourself to convert it back into something readable. A significant amount of writing effort on your part to convert the junk into an original article is still required and in many cases would not be significantly less than would be required to write the article completely yourself without bothering with the generator. You’d maybe save 25% of the writing time at best.