Why under IE7 the content doesn't wrap around the image?


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When I click the


(above the red poll part) why under IE7 the content doesn’t wrap around the image?

Under Firefox and Chrome, it’s ok.

How do I make the content wrap around the image when click the red


text in IE7? thank you

Not just IE7 - same result in IE8 and IE9.

yeah,you’re right. do you know how to correct it. thank you.


The js is adding a filter and haslayout to the element dynamically and when those are applied the element forms a rectangular block and text won’t wrap.

Once applied haslayout can’t be removed so your choice is to remove the filter effect and just toggle instead of toggle(‘slow’) in the jquery.

$('.moreteaser').click(function() { 
 [B]   $('.pr_content').toggle();[/B]
  $('.moreteaser, .lessteaser').toggle();

$('.lessteaser').click(function() { 
  [B]  $('.pr_content').toggle();[/B]
     $('.moreteaser, .lessteaser').toggle();

Or you should be able to remove the filter from IE if you are good with jquery (I’m not) and is a question for the js forum.

you’re my hero! many thanks. your ways like a charm.