Why sotp increasing my blog traffic?

I am running my blog since last 6 months. every month I saw that traffic were increased frequently, but from last month(February) its not increased almost like previous month(January) and current month(march) same. Please give me suggestion how can I attract more traffic?

You should analyze your web stats so that you can understand where your traffic comes from, why it’s coming to your site, what it’s doing on your site, and why it was increasing in the previous months.

Maybe your articles for the last 2 months isn’t as good as the previous months. Like the previous posts, you need to analyze your traffic so you would understand why its getting less this month or last month.

Go for social networking and social bookmarking for you to earn traffics.

Know the discrepancies of your site by using Google analytics. This can certainly clear up things on where your traffic is coming from and on which part of your blog to adjust.

If a certain blog page has an ample amount of traffic and you are not converting, know the other factors like ad placements and the actual contents.