Why Same title does not appeared on Google first page?

i need your guidlines, i am bit worried… :frowning:
i am not getting traffic from google…
even , i am placing my same title on gogole search box, it is not appearing on first page, even next pages as well. kindly help me, how to get results and fixed this problem,
even all pages are index, no error in webmaster tool as well

It takes a while to get to the top of Google. Give it time. Is this site new?

sir , i started this website 2 month ago, but actually working on articles last month on 8th…

last month, i was getting 400+ visits from google…
and few keywords ranked above like 'must have android apps" etc
but after 1st july, it ranked down and went 2 or 3rd page
now i m only getting 50+ visits even below from seo
rest all social media…
but i am bit worrying, writing exact title, it should come on first page,still it is not coming on it google first page

You should try to get Quality, relevant back links those would help you to rank early in Google first page. Although Text links are better and provide much more link juice than rest.

Working on articles is worthy only when the content is unique and high quality. And make sure not to involve in content farm. Its better to focus much more on quality link building methods. So that you could find the solution.