Why ruby

Hi, I’m currently a php programmer. One question that I always want to do, why should I learn Ruby. Is it better than PHP?

They, like all Turing-equivalent languages, are functionally equivalent. You can do everything Ruby can do in PHP, and you can do everything PHP can do in Ruby. Neither is better than the other, they’re just different. If you want to try something different, then maybe you’ll want to learn Ruby.

Erlang and Clojure are the hacker languages of the month, though. The Ruby fad has passed.

Dan, how about the business? Is RUby more paying? How’s its prospect?

Ruby is apparently higher paying from what I’ve seen (on average). I’m also in the same boat as you goodmast3r. I’ve been using PHP for a few years now, and I’ve just started learning Ruby as of a few days ago. After playing around with true object-orientated and functional languages such as Scala, Fantom and eventually Ruby, I don’t think there’s anyway I can stick with PHP. I don’t have any particular problems with PHP (especially since PHP5.3), other than languages such as Ruby are simply nicer.

Ruby is the perferd language, because it’s an easy language and because of that, you can concentrate more on your algorithms than on your problems with the programming language it self.