Why Rank Up and Down

i am in hot water i have started project for web design company i am working on five keywords so these keywords are changing their place after week to go to up and down.why this happening and the other issue is that whenever i check keyword in chrome that show different position when check in Mozilla show different what’s the hell?

Which happens most of the time. The algorithm used for the search is different and depends on lots of small details. I really don’t know if it is browser dependant but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I know that I’ve searched for something in Google and, two hours later, using the same browser, same configuration, same computer, etc. the results were not exactly the same.

Did you use a proxy or went incognito when checking the rankings?

Rankings are inconsistent, and they change depending on where you are an if you visited the website before, which is why you need to go anonymous before checking the Google SERPs.

Not sure if the browsers play a part, but I think otherwise.

Yes, it happens sometimes when you frequently check website against a specific query, cookies saved in your browsers and you get different results as the actual ones. Need to clean browsers history and use some proxy while checking the ranking. You can also your smallseotools, nice tool to check for ranking position.

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When you checking your ranking in different then make sure you are clearing browsing history because that case happens due to this condition.

Up and Down common in seo rankings, because of every day competetion may either increase or decrease, along with this competetion your rankings may varible…

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