Why pic shows in FF but not in IE

When view Self Funded Medical Plans, HSA, FSA, COBRA, Pension Programs | Benefits Solutions, Inc. - Taylorsville, North Carolina in FireFox 3.6.16, I can clearly view the “Medical-Dential-Vision-et al” text at the bottom of the page. This is an image.

However, my client, who is using an older version of IE and myself, who is using IE 8 … can not see the above text image.

I know I am missing something obvious. Please smack me in the head with it. :frowning:

prepare to be smacked…in the nicest possible way of course!

[B][COLOR=Red]<div id="products"[/COLOR][/B]
<img src="pix/products.png" alt="Benefit Solutions, Inc. offers services for Medical, Dental, Life, HRA, Cobra, IRA, and more" style="border:none;width:800px,height:250px;">

It’s not just IE, not showing the image. Chrome and Opera don’t show the image either. Did you try to give #products a height, or use the property: overflow: hidden?

Edit: and I don’t see where you need the clear: both; for in products!

spike - Thanks for the smack - well done.

However, adding in the > did not fix the problem. I still can’t view the image in IE 8.

donboe - no, nothing like you mentioned.

I would have probably had this figured out if the Web Developer Toolbar would show in my FF, but since doing the update to 3.6.16, the toolbar shopped showing (it’s just a thin blank horizontal space) - regardless of uninstalling and reinstalling again. sighs

Firebug doesn’t give me any clue either.

Can you try to give the div a height? at least that should show in every browser, even if it doesn’t show the image!

Have you updated the online version Barbara? It still shows missing the >
WDToolbar gives no errors but one warning for the CSS which wouldnt affect it.

IE usually gives a red cross if the path to a image is not right, so I think it is somehow hidden behind the wrapper!

working now :slight_smile:

Yes, I updated the online version (only version there is ??) before posting my above result - hence why I posted it.

I did go ahead and add the height to the div in the .css

Ok, that’s weird - before uploading the newest .css, I refreshed yet again in IE and viola. Did the same on my hubby’s computer and it now shows there too.

:nono: I hate technology sometimes. :goof:

Thanks for your help and the smack in the head … it might do some good for the rest of my day, if this morning was any indicator of what I’m looking forward to. hehehe

good for you :tup:

It is quite easy to set up a server on your own computer so you dont have to ftp all the time. Speeds up development time and the like :slight_smile:

spike - really?

Can you point me to the information to learn about setting up a server on a computer? I mean, it takes me just seconds to save and upload, but ti wouldn’t hurt to have alternatives.

Hmm. XAMPP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia might be a good choice and fairly easy to set-up.

Yes XAMPP is a really easy way of getting localhost running, with a full wizard installer and support

+1 for xammp!

I have one thing to say. If your site has a plain background, I recommend you to use images of having the same background color instead transparent png or add something in your code to handle transparent image for IE. If you view your site with IE of version 6 or less you will accept with me.

Ya even i face many things sometimes which open in some browsers and others can’t open it.