Why only 3?

so i checked in google webmaster tools and i checked how many links did google crawl for my point of sale page:


but they only got three! why?

please explain :frowning:

How many were you expecting?

Well I posted on several forums not including on this one and I don’t see them at all and I know for sure they weren’t “nofollow” as well.

I wasn’t talking about just why three from here (which too is somewhat strange) but why three completely.

Do you realise that all signature links here are no-follow?

Also, forum links aren’t worth much at all (even the ones without nofollow). You need better links than those if you want more help ranking.

Why is that hooper? And do you think Google labels links as being from a
forum or being from a blog or being from…


What Google ‘labels them as’ isn’t really relevant. They’re low quality because of the sheer number of links on each page.

Maybe you add links to completely out of topic pages with different theme so they are marked as spammy!

Like HAWK says, Google don’t need to label links as anything. The average link in a thread is buried on a low PR page that has too many other non-related links as company. That, combined with content in the thread that is usually unrelated to the linked page, makes for crappy links.

But it wouldn’t be too hard for Google to identify forum links as “self placed” links and just discount them all totally (I’m not saying they do).

I wish they would. It’d make my job a helluva lot easier.

If a page has half a dozen links, the chances are that they have been editorially selected in some way, and are probably worth following. If a page has a hundred links, it’s less likely that they have gone through a similar selection process. If Google identifies a page as having user-created content with signatures allowed, there is a high probability that links (particularly appearing in snippets repeated across the website) are self-promoting signature spam, and therefore do not merit any benefit from their repeated appearances.

this topic isn’t really about this site i only have 3 links inbound ironically all from sitepoint even though i posted on other forums that’s why question why not other sites?

also if forums and blogs don’t help much which sits do help?

Generally sites whose owners link to your site without prompting.

If you have content that people like, they will make links to it on their website. If it’s useful.

Forums are for discussion, not for linking. If Sitepoint has an overall home rank of X, and has Y amount of pages linked from its front page, they get equal weighting (Z) from the home page. The next page (with Z weight) will then be split into how many links it has (A). So the amount of rank each forum has, as you have to click twice to get there, is Z/Y/A. Then the amount of links on that - e.g. the amount of threads, is divided further to get the weighting on each thread. So theoretically, saying there are 10 links on each thread, you will get Z/Y/A/25/10 weighting - worth NOTHING.

there aren’t any sites that post point of sale unfortunately.

I am sooo going to use this to reply to the “do forum posting” parrots :slight_smile:

Are the other forums you posted are no follow or do follow ones? If they are no follow, you will not find SE following the links to your site.