Why Not Visible my website in top 100 search result in google

Hi Friends,

i am very tired about my website ranking in google. i am dong hard work about it but not getting anywhere my site in google. actually i am web master of a Mobile massage website London UK. i am trying to improve its visivility in google last 6 month but not getting any positive result. but other search engine giving good result like yahoo and bing but google showing no any result in top 20 page result.
my website is feelgoodco.com
and my keyword are-
Mobile massage
event massage
office massage
onsite massage
corporate massage
massage at work
please help me if you can, b’coz i am very frustrated about it.

Shiv Singh

How old is your site? What type of SEO work have you done to date? Some of your keywords are in your title tags, your first one is in there twice, I remove the second occurence, so that’s a start.

have you registered your site with top search engines including google?

Some of your words are among the competitive words targeted by a lot of older and established websites which have been operating online for years, powered by thousands of content pages plus incoming links. If your website is not one year old, it may still be in the Sandbox effect or filter which needs to be bypassed through working on link and content building. In some cases ranks are gained only after weeks and months of constant work.

If you don’t know seo well, its better to go for low competitive keywords. This will easily bing your website on top on search engines by doing little seo. Try this method and see the result.

my domain 12 year old and i have done all onpage optimisation and directory linking Article post and Blog post. but getting no any result in google.

In Google you have more competitors than other search engine. Did you try to use longtail keywords?

Well … yes … that’s because it’s the biggest market. Obviously the market share does vary in different parts of the world, but on my main site, over 90% of search referrals are from Google. I can’t see any obvious difference in rankings between Google, Yahoo or Bing, which suggests that about 90% of people searching for that kind of content are using Google. So even if you might find it harder to get to the top of Google than other search engines, it’s usually worth the effort.

If you have problem it means you did not do SEO in the right way. Always give preference to relevant sites of relevant places for promotion of your site. Try to use high quality sites which has good PR.

First and Foremost have you registered your website on Google Search Engine and what all SEO activites you had done for web promotion of your website.

yup…i agree with Sannyhenry.You can go with SEO and do all submissions to increase PR involving:
article submission.
directory submission.
social bookmarking.
social video submission.
classified advertising.
blog administration.
social profile creation.
white paper submissions.
review postings
linkedin postings.
presentation sites.
blog administration.
forum replying.

did you look at the inlink structure of your competitors that have a high google ranking on the keywords you mentioned? Maybe there are some obvious discrepancies ?

It depends- when did your website go live?
What are you trying as far as SEO is concerned?
You have to consistently work on all your main keywords- research your KWs carefully, promote them through forums, blogs and articles as much as you can also keep you on page content original and fresh.