Why Need Seo For Online Store?

Hello Everyone,

I am Adrina and I want to Know about why need seo for eCommerce Website. I think We have to understand and learn things from various aspects of seo than seo help in eCommerce sites. SEO is like always something new there is nothing fix n SEO we don’t know the exact thing which will help us to understand the whole SEO. Keeping patience is the most important thing in SEO (On-page or Off-page). So Please You have seo regarding Knowledge than please Reply! :blush::blush:

Thank you

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Hello @adrinawinslet21 welcome to the forums. You will find plenty of SEO questions and answers in the Marketing forum. I suggest you browse through the topics there and if you then have specific questions, the post them.

I have closed this topic as it is too broad to elicit any really helpful responses.