Why my sql table crash

i m facing some problem from 2 days my table which has round about 1 million colums and 10 rows using mysql
go crash i repaired it but after 1 day it go again crash to again have fix that but what’s the real problem that how can i know how can i stop that from being crashed :confused:

Crash is quite a word. Maybe you should explain what’s happening!

1 million columns? no wonder it crashed :smiley: :smiley:

I wonder how the INSERT query looks like :wink:

don’t understand what’s the solution if it do next time

Like I asked before, can you explain what is happening. Is it happening when you query the database? Or what??

ohh sorry little wrong statement :smiley:
1 million rows not colums 10 colums

Can you post the show create table and the query this is happening with

Edit: sorry had the post still open and didn’t see Rudi’s reply

well in mysql_error i got statment ur table crashed repair that when i repair that work

… but when. Where is this happening. On your website while doing a search? or? The information you provide is very little to do something with.

well during inserting some data as i already describe in 10 rows data is not much big

could we clear something up please?

realcoder, please do a SHOW CREATE TABLE for your table

it’s structure look like

aid int(11) NOT NULL,
name varchar(250) NOT NULL,
email varchar(250) NOT NULL,
subject varchar(250) NOT NULL,
message mediumtext NOT NULL,
cap varchar(250) NOT NULL,
ip varchar(250) NOT NULL,
date varchar(250) NOT NULL,
time varchar(250) NOT NULL,

i’ve seen worse :wink:

how about the query that’s causing the crash?

Is this the real table or a test table? I only see AUTO_INCREMENT=57 while you were talking about 1.000,000 rows.

Off Topic:

I couldn’t help but notice the use of MyISAM. Where INNODB would be more appropriate, unless you use fulltext search

its real one that was from my local host

CREATE TABLE `posts` (
 `id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `aid` int(11) NOT NULL,
 `name` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 `email` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 `subject` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 `message` mediumtext NOT NULL,
 `cap` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 `ip` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 `date` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 `time` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)

and it’s query

INSERT INTO posts (aid,name,email,subject,message,cap,ip,date,time) VALUES ('$id','$name','$email','$subject','$message','$cap','$ip','$date','$time')

getting id of some form

What is happening with the aid?

`aid` int(11) NOT NULL,

But you’re not inserting it? You really need to be more specific please. Try to supply all details not just half.

inserting as u can see $id
and there is not any problem related to query execute problem is table crashed not all time
Why that Crashed?