Why My Snapnames Account suspended without any reason?

I registered with snapnames.com few days ago and bid on a backorder domain and next day i found that my account suspended without any reason. my credit card was billed 4 times and i don’t know why.??

Please take a look what it says after login:

Your SnapNames Account has been SUSPENDED.
Please contact SnapNames Customer Support or call 1-877-352-5630 (or 1-570-708-8760 outside the United States) to re-enable your account.

I tried to contact support team and there is no response after 20 days.

What should i do to enable my account?



File a complaint there. They have an A+ raiting there, which means they WILL resolve your issue through the BBB if they won’t do it any other way.

I actually dislike the BBB, because a company can be as scammy as they want but as long as they resolve their BBB issues they get a good rating.

Try what mawburn says, probably you’ll get your answer in a 3-4 days

Try Contacting Supprt Again… I Hope You Have Dropped a Mail Regarding This To Their Support…
Now Just Raise a Complain In BBB :slight_smile:

After three months, I’m sure the OP has either resolved the issue or given up. Either way, there is little to be gained by resurrecting this topic.

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