Why my background image looks ugly in some window sizes

I’ve positioned a background image as the code below:

background: url(../images/picture.png) 49% 0% no-repeat transparent;

It supposes to have no space from the above div. But it looks extended in space in some window size. Why this happens?

The url is: http://meldville.com/index.php

Thank you,

I can’t see anything wrong with that page, even if I move the browser window around etc. Can you clarify? There’s no bg image that I can see.

Thanks for response.
It’s the image of the ? symbol on the footer of the page. It looks as it supposed to be on some screen. But on some screen it is higher and some times it is lower. I do not understand this.


You’ve absolutely placed the element but with no current stacking context and no positioning so browsers wil vary on position depending where they think the image is and whether they apply the bottom margin to it also.

Just remove the absolute position and let it remain in the flow and it will look the same in all browsers.

#sliderContainer {position:static}