Why learn Javascript?

I am new to web development. I have familiarity with CSS/HTML/Wordpress and Expression Engine Content Management system. I want to be a well rounded professional web developer desperately, and trust me, it’s been a struggle to do all I do and still have time for self-development with other langauages. I take care of several Wordpress Sites at my job and am currently learning Expression Engine 3.0 for a new, much large Expression Engine site. I love the Javascript language, but I am concerned if learning it right now would be good given my current type of work.

Is learning JS beneficial for Wordpress Dev or/and Expression Engine development? Please forgive me if this is a stupid question. Eventually I would like to design my own EE add-ons and Wordpress themes/plugins with the ability to customize them as needed for my client, maybe even make web games? Is learning JS a good skill for my current career direction? I’m also trying to learn BootStrap as well to my language learning TODO list.

If you’re already working with HTML and CSS, you can almost consider JavaScript unavoidable, as you’ll eventually come across somewhere. Whether that’s in one of the Wordpress themes you’re working on, or in some other context, doesn’t really matter, you’ll find it somewhere. Out of curiosity, I just took a look at the Expression Engine website, which says it has been built with EE - that’s downloading 7 or 8 JS files, so it’s built in there. I checked my test WP install too - that also uses 7 JS files - and that’s an out of the box install with one extra theme loaded into it. Bootstrap has a bunch of JS in its armoury too.

Is it worth learning? I’d say so…


I agree, I advise to learn pure javascript, then jquery only for some specific needs, I recommend that attention to AngularJS.

AngularJS is fantastic, I learn now.

What frustrates me is uses who say that they can get by without learning code. I am learning about about for a non-profit, I’m the only guy who does anything code or anything here other than the sound crew and I am learning code as I go. It’s frustrating to expected to give more when I simply can only learn so much so fast. I just want to make sure that JS is worth my time. If I knew JS with a Wordpress or even EE website, what could I really do with it?

Whats Angular JS? What is it used for specifically? Why implement it in a site? Do you have any examples of a site that uses it well?

While I’m aware that you were asking how much of a role JS would play in your current job situation and linear career path, I would strongly advise not crafting your skillset around this logic.

Similarly, I chose not to learn hardcore JavaScript, and just the basics while relying upon the jQuery library to throw me a harness, since my previous employment situations were cushy and absent of complex programming. Now though, I work in a software house, driven by advanced JS and various libraries. My work involves mainly design and the employer obviously accepts this and hired me based on this, but I wish I could understand how their JS engine works. It would increase my chances of prosperity, long-term worth to the company and be terrific self-improvement.

Don’t plan for now, plan for 5 or 10 years time.

Sorry if this doesn’t help, but it’s an honest answer inspired by my career to date.


Yes, JavaScript is worth it. But you don’t need much of it if you just want to build brochures for sites. Wordpress or Squarespace or Wix are perfectly fine.

If you want to do anything more than that, you are going to need to know it and if you’re going to need to know, you should learn it well. Lots of people just try to pick it up as they go, but if you know that’s the direction you want to go with your life/career/passion/whatever, then just sit down with some courses or tutorials and learn it properly from the beginning.

It’s a frontend JavaScript framework. If you’re just taking your first steps into web stuff, then don’t worry about it.

THIS IS VERY HELPFUL. Thank you. I just struggle with learning new stuff and I fear spinning my wheels is gonna hurt my future career working on the wrong language.

I feel you, don’t worry. Everybody learns at different rates. I look at a colleague with strong JS skills and think “how the hell do you know this s***?” Heh.

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