Why it loop 3 times per article?

it working perfectly in local but in my website it display 3 time per article why? here my print_r
PDOStatement Object ( [queryString] => SELECT article.art_id , article.art_titleen , article.art_titlekh , article.art_postdate , article.art_detail , sub_menu.sub_name FROM article , sub_menu WHERE article.sub_name = sub_menu.sub_name AND article.sub_name = ‘phone’ ORDER BY article.art_postdate DESC )

 $dispart = fnc_select_article($targfields,$table,$field,$param,$targetfitler,"'".$andfilter."'"." ORDER BY art_postdate DESC LIMIT 0,8");
while($phdispart = $dispart->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){
	echo '<li><a href="contentdetail.php?art_titleen='.$phdispart['art_titleen'].'"><h1>'.$phdispart['art_titlekh'].'</h1>'. substr($phdispart['art_detail'],0,100).'<p class="postdate">'.date("h:i a M j, Y ", strtotime($phdispart['art_postdate'])).'</p></a></li>';

what problem please help

Have you looked at your database to make sure the article isnt in there three times?

i double check my database it no doublication any way i test my query in phpmyadmin SQL before i added it into my code

So you have only one article with sub_name “phone”? I get the impression you havent designed your query the way you think you have.

when i open the browser first time it work perfectly when i click on tablet then go back to phone it’ll display 3 time loop ok let see the real link http://www.sabaychet.com/allnews.php?ph_sc_sub_name=phone you click the tablet at your right hand then click the second menu or the upper of tablet (it my language) u’ll see it loop 3 time is it because of catch??

SELECT `article`.`art_id` 
, `article`.`art_titleen` 
, `article`.`art_titlekh` 
, `article`.`art_postdate` 
, `article`.`art_detail` 
, `sub_menu`.`sub_name` 
FROM `article` , `sub_menu` 
WHERE `article`.`sub_name` = `sub_menu`.`sub_name` 
AND `article`.`sub_name` = 'phone' 
ORDER BY `article`.`art_postdate` 

Paste that query directly into your database (using PHPMyAdmin or whatever you use to manage your LIVE database, and see, does it return 3 rows?

If no, then its likely a PHP problem, if yes, then it looks as though the JOIN you are evoking might need a GROUP BY cause.

I think its unlikely, as your LOCAL database does not do this, you say.

I dont see that at all. I see one.

Thank StarLion i solved it problem now i found the new problem i’ll post it in new topic now