Why isn't the blinking pipe character blinking when my search input has focus?

Here is my new site (the beginnings of it at least) http://goo.gl/qIQPO. See the search in the top right corner. In FX at Least the blinking pipe character only shows for me every 5th time or so when the input has focus. I messed with the padding some but thats the only ideas I have for this issue. Anyone run across this problem? Thanks

Works fine for me in each browser.

Huh another weird one. Can anyone else check too please. Make sure you try a couple times. Because for me it works very intermediately.

[FONT=Verdana]Requires JavaScript and 1200px viewport width.
The graphics are a serious CPU hog in all browsers. (no surprise)

IE8 - doesn’t blink
Firefox 18 - blinks always
Chrome - blinks intermittently (stops blinking after text has been entered)

I wasn’t asking for reviews but while we’re at it. It’s not 1200 its more like 1140. The fixed background is 1200 something so has no effect on your precious scrollbar. I put in place a ON/OFF for the animated images for you CPU whiners. And no it does not require JS. Everything works just fine without it.

You’re welcome for the blinking feedback.

Exactly where is that search box when JavaScript is disabled?

JavaScript in combination with the graphics seems to be a CPU resource hog. That’s life.

The minimum page width requirement is an observation, not a judgement. I hadn’t noticed the scrollbar. Should I?

Sorry I dont respond well to negativity. But as you say you were just telling what you observed. So thank for telling me what you see with the pipe. But your observation did prove beneficial. I hadent noticed that yet about the search. So I just removed it when js is off. And yes you should see a scrollbar at 1156px