Why isn't it CENTERING?!?!


The contact and investment page are not centering and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. Anyone? I hate my life right now.

Thank you very much.

What do you mean it’s not centering?

Your scrollable element is centered - just move the scrollbar to the center to see. Your imageFlow container is set to 100%, and your images inside the container are each set to a specific position (bad idea, IMHO - especially using the inline css).

If you mean to center hte page via float:center, that property doesn’t exist. I suggest validating your page, but along with what Dave said, your page has 100% width and there’s really nothing for it to center against.

I’m not a fan of how you coded thist page, as it has many errors and if you want a QUICK FIX, this is what you’d have to do. On “#page_content_wrapper” change the margins to this.

#page_content_wrapper{margin:0 auto;}

Auto horizontal margins are the universal way to center block content across the parent/screen. It requires a width (which you have set) and the auto margins. Very simple fix.

Though please validate your page and consider restructuring it. It’s not a very pretty sight :). Though it’s your choice.

Off Topic:

Yes before any Sitepoint oldies say so, I know float:center has been “invented”

You also have a typo in your css for the wrapper div.

It’d probably be helpful if you actually told us what the typo is.


Shouldn’t be hard to find. Completley unrelated (though my validation point would cover all these typos) issue, although if you go to the wrapper div in the CSS like he states…

	width: 100%;


Thank you for the input,. I appreciate it. I will validate asap.