Why is Woo commerce adding HTML in product descriptions?

Hi from pitch black heavily flooded York UK :smile:

On this page:
HTML appears in the product description, see below for screenshot:

Ive recently taken over as a site admin and I can see what is casing the problem which is HTML has been added so a product sub description can be added, see below for an illustration behind what I’m talking about:

So whilst my head is totally fried with this here is my question: “How can I get Wordpress to add a category strapline (Woo commerce) as above but not show HTML on the product page”.

This is how I feel today:

Did you enter the product description and code in the visual editor instead of the text editor? The text editor is meant for code.

HI @BrianBam, i didnt do the work just having to fix the balls up! Thanks for reply, I am itching to try this out, once i have a go this afternoon I will update. I hope the “Text editor” is obvious to a wordpress noob like my self!


HI @BrianBam thanks for the idea but it dint work :frowning:

For extra clarification here is the origin of the code and the problem it causes.

Woo commerce is the plugin.


Interesting. I tried using a
on a Woocommerce website that I manage and it applied the </br> as it should and didn’t print out the code. I removed it because my client I’m sure doesn’t want that. However, if you go to this page
https://theperfectwhitedress.com/product/mia-lds-temple-bag/ you will see that I put tags around the product name and they didn’t display on the screen like your code is.

Thanks everyone for replies, we just decided in the end to knock out the code and ditch lower case sub descriptions!

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