Why is this happening

so i am trying to optimize my blog at the moment to get high search results for “chicago point of sale” and to get this page up on there:


i got the keywords and all that and i got the keywords in my blog:


but then all the sudden it has fallen for no reason. why?

here is were it is at now:


this is really freaking me out why is it happening? Hell google doesn’t post my page at all :frowning:

Then you’d better start using that phrase on the page. It appears once in the meta keywords tag (useless) and once in an image alt attribute. You might want to revise your use of (multiple) <h1>s too. Putting “No Annual Fees, Free Phone Support for Polar Point of Sale” in a h1 is a waste of a good h1. I would recommend that you do some reading on SEO and then apply what you learn to the page you’re trying to rank.

Also, rankings fluctuate as a matter of course.

this is no fluctuation this is a decrease. how would you change that <h1> tag?

I am starting on the page.

fluctuation - To rise or fall in as if in waves

A decrease can be a fluctuation…

With that said, each page should only have only H1 tag, having more than would not be recommended and you’re just diluting them if you do, especially with terms that you’re not trying to rank for. If you’re using H1 as a stylistic element than redo your stylesheet to get the effect without doing so.

Also if you’re trying to rank for a term, as Hooperman said, it’s best to put the term on the page in question, and preferably in the H1 tag.

On a different note, as much as I love the attempts to stuff your keywords in the content as much as humanly possible you need to make the page readable. Even if you do start to rank for the terms, no one is going to stick around very long after trying to read through that text.

actually the text is all there to explain about the point of sale system to the customers. there are many benefits over others and that’s what i am trying to bring forth.

so one h1 tag per page? what about h2 tag?

the keywords are i want are: pos, point of sale, pos system these are all synonyms in the industry. should i just include them all in the h1 tag?

You need to do some basic research on how SEO works. You can’t just pick a bunch of keywords and put them on the page, there are hundreds of other companies that would love to rank for them, and you’re probably not prepared to compete with them all at once for all those phrases.

You’ve got to do some keyword research, scope out the competition, figure out which keywords you want to go after first in terms of how much work it will take to outdo the competition and how much search traffic there is to gain from each choice, etc. Only once you’ve done that research can you start planning how to include the keyword(s) you choose in your page, and a basic SEO guide will tell you how to do so effectively.

Start here:

This page http://www.naspos.com/point-of-sale.php looks like a ‘point of sale’ spam fest, you might have tripped a keyword density filter and got penalised for it.

In anycase, there’s little point ranking for that term, it probably gets a ton fo searches but how many of them are going to buy from you? If your product is software then use that term too “Point of Sale software”

not really trying to spam anything, thing is i need to provide a lot of information. so what’s the limit not to trip it?

if it is seemed as spam by a search engine should i break up the content among different pages on the site? for example offer a separate page for the hardware we use?

Maybe these SitePoint articles will help:
The Ultimate SEO Checklist

  • Keywords and Keyphrases
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Avoid Being Banned
  • Getting Listed
  • Ongoing Links Campaign
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Master Your Keywords, Part 1: Organize Your Keyword Research and [URL=“http://articles.sitepoint.com/article/new-web-sites-keywords”]Master Your Keywords, Part 2: New Web
These articles cover these topics

  • Seed Keywords
  • Related Keywords
  • Web Content Structure
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Content Plan
  • Primary Keywords and Hot Issues
  • Authority Websites
  • Publishing Web Content and Obtaining Keyword-rich Links
  • Search Engine Success

great i will check that out.

ok so i figured that for each page i can break them down to specific keywords, in case of my point of sale: http://www.naspos.com/point-of-sale.php

i can use “point of sale, pos, pos system” being those three keywords, point of sale being the main keyword and pos and pos system just synonyms of that. can i also add keywords along with that but with chicago in front? would that add?

also for other pages such as the security camera page: http://www.naspos.com/security-cameras.php I can use:

“security camera, video surveillance, dvr” would that be good?

or am i missing some understanding something somewhere.

Hopefully you’re more careful with your own links. www slash is not the same as www dot - fixed for you

I guess adding Chicago depends on the niche and your target market.

If there’s a lot of competition, then focusing on what stands you apart, eg. location, might be wise.

And if you want to only, or primarily, deal with customers in your area, then it’s a good idea too.

But if you’re “global”, then I don’t think your location would be a main concern of potential customers.

Have you done any research on competitors to see what they do to stand themselves apart?

yeah they pay a company to do this for them cause i found anchor links from blogs not related to them in any way.

Then maybe they should stop paying that company because they’re getting crappy links for them…

When you do keyword research you’re looking for keyword phrases that fit two main criteria 1) they’re getting searches and 2) there isn’t much serious competition for them. How you do that is up to you but that’s what you’re trying to find.

Use the Google keyword tool to build a list of related keyword phrases then winnow it down to the ones you’re going to target.

I think you are using keyword stuffing and your keyword density is above than last limit.Or it may be possible your back links have been removed.check these two things

  1. Will convert (whether that conversion be a sale, a signup to a newsletter, or a click on an Adsense ad)

For example, there is little to no point to ranking for “free pos hardware” when you’re selling high-end hardware.

Google does just take pages way back after putting them on page one.

I would do a rank check for the top 10 terms and see where they are. I would make sure I was in Google/Yahoo/Bing and other local business directories with as much as possible filled out since you have a location.

I would write a blog post or page titled Chicago Point Of Sale and also make an anchor link on that page using the same term and point it at the home page. If that didn’t do it I would write a couple articles, one about point of sale and one about chicago small businesses. Write in context of a sentence Chicago Point Of Sale as anchor text.

Maybe do that once more, submitting to a few of the best dofollow article directories.

If that doesn’t fix it I’ll eat my socks.

Yes of course, that too. Didn’t even think to mention it cos it’s so obvious.

Well your blog:

Has this as the page title:
<title>point of sale, polar pos, pos systems, chicago, chicagoland, security cameras, time attendance, search engine optimization, google, bing, seo, website design</title>

and this as the description:
<meta name=“description” content=“We specialize in point of sale, time attendance, security cameras, biometric readers, search engine optimization, website design, network management and advertisement in Chicago and Chicagland.” />

If you’re not trying to look spammy to Google, don’t stuff the title full of keywords, especially keywords that aren’t even related to the blog content.