Why is the Text Overlapping in the Right Handside aside

Why is the Text Overlapping in the Right Handside aside →

I have tried all the positions on the class → “.right-column” such as “absolute”, “relative” but none actually worked.

(1) Why did you start a new topic?

(2) The answer to the question posed in the title of this topic can be found in the post by Paul O’Brien in the previous topic.

(3) If you do not receive a response to a post within a time frame that suits you, you might try adding new information about the issue to the topic. Do not double post. Do not start another topic while one is active and contains pertinent information about the subject in question.

(4) If people take the time to respond to your topic, it’s advisable to give their suggestions a try and provide feedback to the contributors else they might feel like thay’ve wasted their time and not bother with you again. In particular, you were told that using position:absolute in the right column was a bad idea and you were told why by one of the most experienced minds in the business. It’s still there.

Can you Please guide me as I am confused. I do not do this to harass anyone. I am sorry if you felt that way. Really sorry.

Nope, this isn’t about me.

I suggested yesterday that you revisit the advice/guidance that you had already been given. Why don’t you try that.

You mean the advice given by SamA74SitePoint Enthusiast here → https://www.screencast.com/t/AT5tD0XeeA ?

Normal HTML to a Bootstap Version - #3 by PaulOB

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Ok Boss. Sorry for the Inconvenience. I apologise. :+1:

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