Why is the standardization of scroll bar styles so slow?

I should have used the private prefix to customize the scroll bar style in the browser of the webkit kernel since my internship in 16 years, but now the compatibility in Canise is still red and yellow.
Why is there no uniform specification for CSS scrollbar styling in 2022.

I believe it’s because there is a wide variation of scrollbar styles that differ greatly between platform, browser or device and that makes creating a uniform set of rules difficult.

Indeed in the draft of the specs they say this ::

For example on my Mac there are no scrollbars visible by default. They appear when you interact with the element and then disappear again. If you change or force your styling on my scrollbars then I would be very disappointed :slight_smile:

Each platform and indeed each browser on the differing platforms have their own set of guidelines that create a familiar experience for users of that platform/browser. There is no standard scroll bar as such so it would be hard to create a spec that caters for all variations to be changed consistently.

Sometimes it would be nice to make the scrollbar color fit nicely into the design but I rarely see this done well. I’m not against scrollbars being styled but in most cases I wish the author hadn’t done it :slight_smile: