Why is the sidebar in the middle of the page?

URL: http://goo.gl/ORsbhS

I’m not sure what in the world I did to this, but on pages with no content, the sidebar is now in the middle of the page instead of staying on the right. I’ve looked and looked and don’t see my mistake. Do you see it?

(It wasn’t like this yesterday, so I know I did something to mess things up.)

I would guess you have a </div> in the wrong place.

Looking at your source code using HTML Tidy in firefox it says you have duplicate div ID’s. If a div is to be used more than once it should be a class not an ID.


Try adding clear:right to the sidebar as its snagging when there is no other content.

.sidebar-primary {
    clear: right;

Many thanks for both of you for taking a look. I’m not sure what I did to cause the problem, but clear: right; fixes it. Thank you, again. :slight_smile: