Why is the same Wordpress index.html URL different on desktop and Android browsers?

I uploaded a new responsive web design index.html page to my Bluehost account’s root folder www. When I click on the link in the desktop, it correctly displays the URL and visits the page. But on the Chrome browser in my Android device, tapping on the same link keeps the page the same, but shows a modified URL in the address bar. It should be the same URL.

The index.html page links point to a Wordpress blog’s categories. Though it is a responsive design page, the links are the same for desktop and mobile. I am not using different URLs for each.

Here’s what happens when you click on a link and look at the URL in the address bar. Instead of showing:


the mobile phone browser address bar shows:


I obtained the URL format by clicking on the Wordpress category listed at right on the page and copying that URL to the index.html page for the anchor href tag. Easy.

Somehow Bluehost seems to change the link on mobile, adding the # and /8 to the URL. Weirdly, the page stays the same – it does not throw a 404 error or visit another page. So right now my page works on desktop but not on a mobile device. Help!

How or why does my Android device browser change the URL? A Bluehost support person said the issue was not from their end. No technical questions were raised, so I doubt that person was knowledgeable enough to make that assessment.

I am posting this here because there were no answers in wordpress.stackexchange or stackoverflow.

Hey Web Steve, could you provide a link to the actual site so we could look at what’s happening? There are several things that could be happening but I need to see the site to know if I can help you.

It just works. I did not make any changes and now it just works. I don’t understand it. I suspect it was a problem with the hosting server and they did something on their end and fixed something. There was nothing really wrong with my code.

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