Why is Rubygems slow?

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“Why exactly is Rubygems slow” is the question that more than one developer has asked, but few have bothered to do anything about. Recently @mfazekas took up the task for profiling an especially slow case using dtrace. This resulted in several high profile pull requests to improve performance and drop memory allocations. These in turn lead me to ask the question, just what is Rubygems doing that takes so long? The short answer is, way more than you ever thought; for the long answer, keep reading.

Rubygems Basics

The Rubygems gem comes stock with modern versions of Ruby. It’s goal is to make installing and using external pieces of code (or libraries) easier. To do this, it takes over Kernel#require so that after you’ve run:

$ gem install wicked

You can later require 'wicked' and right code gets loaded.

Load Path and Resolutions

When you require wicked you don’t specify a version to load, so how does Rubygems know which one to use? It could take the latest version, but then when you $ gem install a more recent version for a different project, your project might break. Rubygems tries to make an inteligent decision about the dependencies you need based on other dependencies. When a gem is published to rubygems.org (the server) they contain a .gemspec that declares information about the current gem as well as the dependencies that gem has. For example in wicked.gemspec

gem.add_dependency             "railties", [">= 3.0.7"]
gem.add_development_dependency "rails",    [">= 3.0.7"]
gem.add_development_dependency "capybara", [">= 0"]

If you only have this version of wicked required, and it can’t be required unless you’re also using a version of railties greater than 3.0.7 if it can’t find one it will raise an exception. If it finds a valid version it adds it to $LOADED_FEATURES. Using another library, threaded, here it is before being loaded:

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